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Critically changed the situation with Russian travellers arrested in Iraq!
On the 20th of may at Iraq's territory there were arrested four Russian citizens:

Wardyanyanz Alexandr

Maximov Oleg

Ignatjev Maxim

All of them are kept in military base in Baghdad. Gps coordinates are
33.332062 44.347078 Rashid Ali Al Gilani St., Baghdad, Iraq.

Russian embassy in Baghdad was immediately informed about the fact of delay. At this time all friends, relatives, and mass media contacted with Jumshed Boltaev- Russian Embassy head of consulate department.

Evening, 22th of May one of the news tv broadcasting media spreaded information that Russian travellers are taken off to the Turkey side. This information hasn't been confirmed.

Yesterday, 23th of May there was a comunication from Russian Embassy that travellers should be dismissed by 5pm local time and the consul is going out for them. This information was given by Mr. Boltaev as to the friends as to journalists and all we asked not to spread this info through. The same time guys informed that they are questioned again and nobody dismisses them. We were not given any clear answer in respect of this fact from Russian Embassy in Iraq.

At night 24th of May the guys sent a message - 

"SOS, we are charged with espionage, they threaten with death penalty, hit us. Charged with visa's forgery."
During the time of Russian citizens detention, Russian Embasy representatives neither meet them, nor gave law help. All questionings are conducting without Russian Consul presence. 

We apply to all who can provide any help in our citizens release!

Ivan Kuznetsov

Alexander Orlov

Thank you very much!
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